Tribal Roots with Kami Liddle: Tribal Fusion Technique & Choreography - DVD
Tribal Roots with Kami Liddle on DVD

Tribal Roots with Kami Liddle: Tribal Fusion Technique & Choreography - DVD

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In Tribal Roots, Kami Liddle will show you Tribal Fusion technique and combinations that she combines into a stage-ready choreography. Kami focuses on some of the movements and stylization made popular by Tribal Belly Dance masters and creators. You'll go deeper into the roots of Tribal Style Belly Dance by incorporating folkloric dance steps and moves from the Middle East such as Saidi, Beledi, Bedouin Shimmy, and more. By utilizing folkloric and Tribal dances as a base, Kami creates a folkloric fusion choreography incorporating popping and locking and other modern elements.

This instruction is intended for dancers with some Belly Dance experience, and includes:

• Warm up section to prepare your body for the specific movements in this program
• Break down of technique with drilling of movements
• 8 combinations that can be used independently or together
• A complete stage-ready Tribal Fusion choreography
• A costumed performance by Kami

Running time: 105 minutes

The songs used on this DVD are on the Mazamir Sahara CD by Upper Egypt Ensemble, which you can add to your purchase

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