Ultimate Arabian Dance Hits - CD
Ultimate Arabian Dance Hits on CD

Ultimate Arabian Dance Hits - CD

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15 hits from Arabic pop megastars: Amr Diab, Nancy Ajram, Diana Haddad, Hakim and more! Dance the night away with smash hits and remixes from the leading superstars in the Middle East. These songs have become favourites on dance floors worldwide, making them essential to any party.

  1. Nancy Ajram: Law Dallalouni  
  2. Saber Al Roubai: Sidi Mansour  
  3. Shereen & Tamer: Law Kount Neseet  
  4. Amr Diab: Keda Eny Einak  
  5. Nourhanne: Habibi Ya Eini  
  6. Assi Al Hilani: Leh Ghayeb Anni  
  7. Giacomo Bondi: Ayoun El Soud  
  8. Rabih El Khaouli: Amani Aman  
  9. Naked Rhythm: Moon Over Ala Nar  
  10. Diana Haddad and Cheb Khaled: Mas Wi Loli  
  11. Roger Abboud: Sawwah (Remix)  
  12. Hassan Abou El Seoud: Shik Shak Shok  
  13. Shadi Jamil: Ya Sagi Al Wel  
  14. Hakim: Wala Wahid  
  15. Mohamed Hussein: Mariamti/Yallabina  

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