Weight Loss Belly Dance Beginner Set
Weight Loss Belly Dance Beginner Set

Weight Loss Belly Dance Beginner Set

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Lose weight, feel great, and learn to belly dance all at the same time! The Weight Loss Belly Dance Beginner Set includes:

Belly Dance Coin Hip Scarf (your choice of color): Shake in style with this high quality, imported chiffon hip scarf. Complete with intricate beading and beautiful coins, you won't just look good, you'll sound good. Approximately 60 inches wide and 12 inches long.

Instructional DVD:  Bellydancer Body with Sadie: Total Bellydance Workout. Whether you are a seasoned dancer or total beginner, Bellydancer Body will give you a fun and challenging menu of exercise routines.  Pick one or two sections for a quick workout when you don’t have much time, or do them all for a total body conditioning and toning workout. Over 2 hours of technique & workouts:
 • Rhythmic Hips - cardio blast
 • Hip Drop Don’t Stop - butt & arm shaper
 • Ripples - ab sculpt & back builder
 • Fancy Footwork - cardio, legs, and glutes
 • Hourglass - waist trimmer & obliques
 • Dabke Sweat & Tone - legs, arms & cardio
 • Shimmy Time - cardio, legs & arms
 • BONUS: Floorwork - upper body & ab crunch
 • Includes a warm up & cool down
 • And a costumed performance by Sadie!

Music CD: Harem: Club & Chillout Remixes. Some of the world’s hottest world dance DJs have come together to create a lush musical playground on the dancefloor or hookah lounge. Join Roger Abboud, Drumspyder, Giacomo Bondi, Petrol Bomb Samosa, and Jef Stott for the ultimate exotic club and chill out experience! 14 Tracks.

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