Ya Habibi - Al-Ahram Orchestra - CD
Ya Habibi by Al-Ahram Orchestra on CD

Ya Habibi - Al-Ahram Orchestra - CD

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The Gizira band is well-known in Cairo as the house orchestra at the world-renowned "Al-Hareem" nightclub. They have performed with famed dancers, produced music for film and television, and toured throughout the Middle-East with well-known singers. In Ya Habibi, they perform various styles of belly dance music such as Muwashahat, Modern, Fantasy, Balady, Fusion, Remix, Saidi, and Melaya Leff.

  1. Fi Al Mashrik (Muwashahat) 5:07  
  2. Youm Al Hazz (Modern Egyptian) 3:42  
  3. Malish Gawab (Egyptian Fantasy) 3:21  
  4. Akhadni Maaha (Modern Balady) 3:49  
  5. Istannet Kitir (Fusion Veil Dance) 4:12  
  6. Tabla Boom! (Tabla Remix) 3:23  
  7. Min Ala Balak (Modern Saidi/Cane) 5:29  
  8. Ansak (Club Remix) 3:52  
  9. Allayl Wa Samra (Mystical Fusion) 3:35  
  10. Dragon Raks (Japanese-Arabian) 3:57  
  11. Khalf Al Zajf (Fantasy Veil Dance) 4:03  
  12. Koullil Sittat (Melaya Leff) 3:40  

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