Zoe Jakes & Issam: Tribal Drum Solo Choreography - DVD
Zoe Jakes and Issam: Tribal Drum Solo Choreography on DVD

Zoe Jakes & Issam: Tribal Drum Solo Choreography - DVD

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In this DVD, Zoe demonstrates how the dancer can interpret drum solo rhythms several ways, giving the student an opportunity to explore percussive music with fluid grace or sharp percussive accents such as hits, pops, locks, and her trademark spins. Zoe starts the student off with a warm-up she uses regularly in her workshops, and integrates drills specifically chosen to get the student comfortable with her movement base. In the Drum Solo section, Issam begins with an explanation of the Rhythm he is playing for that section, and Zoe will break down, with her clear and concise instruction, unique combinations tailored to each rhythm presented. The combinations will then be put together to create an entire dance which will be performed by Zoe. Whether you are just learning tribal style, or have mastered the art, this DVD will give valuable insight on creative new moves with Zoes signature style. Zoe Jakes has been teaching her own take on tribal belly dance for Six years and is one of the most highly sought after instructors working today.Tribal Drum Solo Choreography With Zoe Jakes and Issam Houshan (DVD) - 82 min

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